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Beckett Creative provides professional marketing and informational communications across all media—with an emphasis on lifestyle and social entrepreneurial sectors.

Our palette of services is similar to others in the marketplace. What makes us different is how we work. We don’t design to make pretty pictures or write words because they sound nice. We combine strategic and creative thinking to produce communications that have impact and get results.

At Beckett Creative, every project begins with a detailed exploratory process. We ask our clients questions… a lot of ‘em. Who are you targeting? What’s your core message? Have past efforts been effective? How will you measure success? And at every step… Why? By digging deep and talking through a project, together we come to understand the context, the rationale, and the best way forward. That’s the strategy part.

Then we go to work and ask ourselves the big question—“What if…?” This is where creativity aligns with strategy to produce solutions. This is where the magic happens.

As Principal, Michael Beckett brings over 25 years of experience and perspective from a broad range of business sectors. He assembles creative and technical talent that’s best suited to a specific project. Whether you need one part of the puzzle or a full package of services—our goal is to help optimize your message.